“SS” Big diameter impeller 3-8 mt

Main applications:

  • Cattle farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Greenhouses
  • Big industrial sheds


Used anywhere you want to move large quantities of air at low speed and low absorbed power.

From 100.000 to 300.000 m3/h3/h

From 0,5 to 1,5 KW

Main features:

Several manufacturers bring to market similar products. Elettrouno for several years has produced several hundred impellers that are now working. The main features of our models have the versatility and safety, and well as having the characteristics of the best (lightweight blades, variable pitch-angle), are also covered by an additional 4 patents, 2 concerning safety and 2 concerning flow regulation:

  • SAFETY PATENT 1: with a single rope by securing all the blades.
  • SAFETY PATENT 2: with the use of stiffening profiles are downloaded to the vibrations of a blade bearing on all other current sudden.
  • REGULATION PATENT 1: with the inclination angle is can be possible to distribute the flow cone.
  • BREVETTO REGOLAZIONE 2: con pale di lunghezza diversa appositamente angolate si può distribuire il flusso in modo uniforme su tutta la sezione.

We can supply:

  • The only impeller in the wider range on the market; it can be used up to peripheral speed of 30m/s. Plastic or aluminium blades. The customers can choose between an infinite range and power to be applied. To simplify motors are used 0,75KW for diameters 3-4mt and 1,5KW for diameters 5-6-7-8mt. The engineers of our Tech. Dept. are available for any advice. Below we show the main possible combinations.

  • The group impeller – gearmotor. The planetary gearmotor is very robust construction and leading brand; there are no weak points, reliability is maximum. No need to use smooth starts and inverter, the electric can be a simple switch comes with a termostat 2-3 degrees of difference.

  • The complete group impeller – gearmotor – support mount from top or bottom. The construction is sturdy and electro galvanized, fitted with adjustable joint for placement with vertical axis.

Impeller SS Images


Impeller diam. 4mt – 8 blades


Impeller diam. 5mt – 4+4 blades


Impeller diam. 6mt – 5 blades


Installed impellers in a farm


Impeller diam. 8 mt – 10 blades


Impeller diam. 7 mt 10 blades


Installed impeller in a ceremony room


Blade holder

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