Centrifugal impellers



Elettrouno introduces its new centrifugal impeller, protected by a patent, created for functioning with backward blades in order to reach very high efficiency with high pressure and flow air mean with high rpm, and with functioning with forward blades in order to reach high flow air, low pressure and rpm mean. The working temperature is function of rpm with a maximum of 100°C; the air or treated gas could be lightly dusty and corrosive compatibly with the nylon fiberglass chemical resistance. The functioning can charge the impeller with static electricity, so it’s possible to protect it with anti-static paint or it can be possible to produce the impeller with anti-static thermoplastic material. There are two different centering where it can be mounted a standard hub or one of Elettrouno’s clutches. The impeller is very light, so the moment of inertia is low and without the clutch the stress on the shaft decrease, with high acceleration start as happen in the agricultural machines.

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