Drying tile accessories

Elettrouno Srl is the supplier of the most important timber drying tile builder. We are able to supply helical impeller with aluminium and nylon-fibreglass reversible blade, stainless steel AISI 304 frames with motor supoport, as you can see in the following pictures:

Helical impellers

Essiccazione legno accessori Giranti reversibili

Reversible impeller R14 P


Nylon-fibreglass Reversibile impeller R16


Aluminium Reversible impeller R17


Nylon-fibreglass Reversible impeller R10

Special fans


Assembled group for tile dryiers, composed by n.2 fans diam.1250mm, motor 3KW-6pole-B3-insulation class H-special building suitable for high temperatures, reversible helical impeller and supporting framework. We will study and agree together with the customers the dimension of the final construction and the performances that the customer want to obtain.


Truck with 3 fan and tip-up cone


Rotating ventilation cone